Marine Discovery Centre Latest News

Meet the Inhabitants: Spotlight on Marine Life at the Discovery Centre
The Marine Discovery Centre at Tasman Holiday Parks – North Star is a gateway to understanding marine biodiversity, emphasizing its unique exhibits and ...
Diving Into Discovery: The Interactive Zones of the Marine Discovery Centre
Welcome to The Marine Discovery Centre Hastings Point, one of Australia’s largest, privately funded museums and most importantly, located inside Tasman ...
Embracing Plastic-Free July: A Step Towards a Sustainable Future
As the world faces the pressing challenge of plastic pollution, individuals and communities around the globe are taking a stand against single-use ...
The best school camp destination on the Gold Coast and Tweed Coast
The best school camp destination on the Gold Coast and Tweed Coast. Students who visit for camp can’t help but be immersed in opportunities to learn and discover, especially when it comes to the marine environment. For students whose curriculum already includes marine or environmental studies, a trip to North Star adds a new and tangible dimension to what has been learnt at school.
Grand Opening Event
Our grand opening event was a huge success with our special guest speaker, Smart Money host and environmentalist, John Dee.
Eco- Tourism Accreditation
North Star Holiday Resort at Hastings Point has once again proven its dedication to sustainable business practices, successfully passing Ecotourism Australia’s internationally recognised audit program held in March 2021.
Protect our Waterways
We can all help to protect our waterways. Here are 7 tips to protect them from our own backyard!
Marine Centre Refurbishment
It’s the end of an era at North Star as the Marine Environment Museum comes apart at the seams to make way for the new Marine Discovery Centre. New name, totally revamped interior, state-of-the-art light and sound, interactive digital terminals and world-class marine and coastal science displays. This will be one of the most ambitious, complex and come to think of it, ‘expensive’ projects ever undertaken at North Star.
October 2020
This month, Marine Biologist and co-founder of the Hastings Point Marine Discovery Centre at North Star Holiday Resort, Ted Brambleby, delivered his final ...